In response to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,  Beam Innovation offers its product Trends Manager, a Proximity and Location-based services solution, to be used by hospitals in the Healthcare System.

Trends Manager can support the Healthcare system to cope with the growing number of patients, while keeping citizens informed and feeling protected, with the following functionalities:

  • Assess citizen’s symptom’s population;
  • Enable a heatmap of positively diagnosed citizens enabling the authorities to concentrate their efforts where it matters;
  • Inform hospital management whether a person with a history of CoViD19 symptoms has entered the hospital in real time;
  • Inform authorities whether citizens have left their quarantine or self-isolation in real time;
  • Push alert messages to citizens regarding safety and precaution measures to be taken during the outbreak;
  • These messages can be targeted to a specific profile of the users, by age or symptoms;
  • Updated real news about the virus and measures taken by the authorities.

The solution consists in a mobile application which can be installed on the phone of every user that is subject of this virus threat and a software platform where the controls & analytical data are available. Also, this solution can include Bluetooth beacons, (small hardware items installed in hospitals) for location accuracy.  

       The mobile application is free, available for anyone to download in AppStore and Google Play Store and follows GDPR regulations to protect users’ privacy. Citizens can download the app to report their status, by answering a simple COVID-19 assessment questionnaire. Operators of Trends Manager will be able to see all data, observe graphs and act upon.

      Our Trends Manager solution is offered at no cost for as long as the outbreak lasts, including technical support from our staff.

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