Beam Innovation

Introducing Trends Manager

A revolutionary marketing channel using Proximity and Location based Marketing technologies.

This solution is designed to control the visitors behavior flow and convert them to shoppers, boost revenue and optimize the tenant management policy by providing a decision support system through relevant analytical charts.

Usual Retail specific Problems

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Benefits brought by our solution

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How it works

Creating meaningful and efficient custom tailored virtual campaigns and send notifications


Deploy them to the proper audience for maximum impact 


Collect intell data about customers behaviours 


Enable filters to add focus on specific groups of visitors


Get a complete overview of your locations and their performance, including departments and smaller areas.


Display relevant data analytics charts for supporting the management decisions 


Our technologies


Native mobile apps both Android and iOS

Real-time discounts and promo offers via the application.

User-friendly mobile applications, optimised for battery-life

Engaging with customers through special discounts discounts offered

Web app “Trends Manager” for virtual campaigns management and data visualisation

User friendly, highly-intuitive, and client orientated dashboard to create modify, add or delete virtual campaigns

Professional customizable retail analytic dashboard and charts

Cloud platform

AI module for analyzing the intell data collected from the visitors and generating automation solution for visitor’s behavioral flow optimizing.

Panel analytics for visualization

Age groups statistics

New / recurrent visitors

Hour interval traffic analysis 

Absorption rate

Stores visited and behavioral flow

Heat map to identify Blind an Hot spots 


Access points or the existing ones pre installed in location

Trigger virtual campaigns Gather data about behaviour and location of the customer

Simply by passing by an access point, without actually being connected to it


Predefined area triggering virtual campaigns 

Gather data about behaviour and location of the customer

Bluetooth LE beacons

Are installed inside the location  

They trigger virtual campaigns

They gather data about behaviour and location of the customer


We can customize a tailor-made solution for your needs, having three types of monthly subscriptions to fit your needs Silver, Golden and Platinum 


The most versatile Retail Marketing Solution working in all the possible scenarios by using all the important triggers


The main trigger based on BLE beacons, discrete and unobtrusive, installed on location


Alternate trigger for bluetooth, used to increase the engaging rate of mobile application users


By accessing this trigger, the solution goes beyond the proximity marketing space limitations, and uses the advantages of Location Based Marketing by targeting users everywhere


Intelligent Retail Platform

Highly customizable


Complete solution



AI driven



Full access to all analytics reports charts